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Chapter 1 Citation Ordinance

Chapter 3 Landfill Ordinance

Chapter 5 Adoption of Wisconsin UDC

Chapter 6 Confidentiality of Income and Expenses

Chapter 9 Special Events Ordinance

Chapter 8 Traffic Ordinances

Chapter 7 Recycling Ordinance

Chapter 10 Roadways Ordinance New 2017

Chapter 11 Subdivision Ordinance

Chapter 12 Minimum Standards Housing Code

Chapter 13 Minimum Lot Size Ordinance new 2017

Chapter 21 Town Board Meeting and Parliamentary Procedure Ordinance

Chapter 16 Schedule of Fees and Forfeitures

Chapter 15 Blasting Ordinance

Chapter 18 Burning Ordinance

Chapter 4 Plan Commission Ordinance

Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 14 Animal Control Ordinance

Chapter 20 ATV/UTV Ordinance

Chapter 22 Nonmetallic Mine Exploration Licenses

Mine Agreement

Chapter 17 Mine Operators License new 5/2017

Chapter 23 Implements of Husbandry

Town Board Contact Info

Chapter 16 Schedule of Fees and Forfeitures

Board of Review 2019

Albertville Mine License Application

Albertville Valley Mine Engineering Report

Additional Post Hearing Mine Comments

Question Responses fromNSW

NSW Non-metallic Mine Operators License

2018 Annual Report