Town of Howard Garbage and Recycling

The recycling center is open the second and last Saturday of each month 9-noon


30 gallon bag of garbage $3

55 gallon can of garbage $5


1.      Steel and steel cans should be kept separate from other recycling and should be placed in the steel only dumpster. Please remove labels and crush steel cans.

2.      Aluminum cans should be crushed, kept separate and should be placed in the trailer. Copper can also be placed in the trailer.

3.      All comingled recycling should be free of plastic bags. Plastic bags result in the town receiving an $88 fine per incident.

4.      You may recycle newspaper, office paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, glass and plastic. Newspaper/paper may be placed in paper bags. Plastic should be free of lids and thoroughly washed. Plastic that has contained oil of any kind cannot be recycled. Foam cannot be recycled.